We provide your monthly payroll and obligatory reporting of tax and social security deductions in order to relieve you of all payroll administration tasks.

Beyond that, we report employees entering and leaving the payroll to the relevant authorities. We do all additional paperwork such as applications, certifications, questionnaires (sick pay, continued payment in case of sickness, statement of earnings, statistics etc.) and assist you in any audit conducted by the tax authorities, health insurance companies and worker`s compensation boards.

We have wide experience in a large variety of sectors and service companies of all sizes, ranging from small enterprises to regional financial institutions up to large enterprises with more than 500 employees.

If you have your own personnel software at your disposal, we can interface the data such as personnel database, time recording, pay slip, by transferring them directly into our payroll system program.

Our range of services in detail:

  • punctual payroll statements for all employees
  • effecting wage and salary payments via remittance slips or wiring payments
  • registration and deregistration of employees to the relevant health insurance companies
  • wage-tax returns (tax deductions from gross pay) and electronic data forwarding (transfer) to the tax authorities
  • statements of social contributions paid (social deductions from gross pay) and electronic data forwarding (transfer) to the relevant health insurance companies
  • applications for continued wage payment during illness
  • statements of earnings for worker`s compensation
  • certificate of income statements
  • year-end certificate of annual wage tax deductions
  • transfer of payroll data to financial accounting and cost centre accounting

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